Sigma’s Amcal partners with Carers Australia to Care for Carers

Sigma’s Amcal partners with Carers Australia to Care for Carers

Would you put the wellbeing of those you care for ahead of your own, even if it meant significant cost to your own health, financial security and mental vitality? Because that’s precisely what Australia’s 2.8 million unpaid carers do each and every day.

It’s National Carers Week, and at Sigma we believe there is no better time to raise awareness of the sacrifices carers make and what we as a community can do to ensure that carers are cared for as well. That’s why we are proud to announce that our Amcal brand of pharmacies have partnered with Carers Australia to help support the incredible, unpaid work that millions of Australians put in every year to improve the lives of those they love.


The response from our communities has been inspiring, with carers around the country feeling empowered to tell their stories, and Australians from all walks of life rallying with praise and support.

Sigma - Amcal supports Carer's Australia and carers like Michael Casha

This encouragement is all the more important in the context that almost a quarter of unpaid carers report that their managers and colleagues do not understand the demand their role puts on them, and more than a third say a more supportive workplace would have a considerably positive impact on their caring role.

Those statistics have come to light as a result of the Care for Carers report, which was commissioned by our Amcal brand in conjunction with Carers Australia, and examines the hardships that carers frequently undertake as their own health takes a back seat to the person they are caring for.

The research shows young carers are particularly at risk, with 64% of carers aged 18-24 not satisfied with their personal health, 31% saying they are also under significant financial pressure, and 15% feeling socially isolated.

As Australia’s largest pharmacy-led network, we are dedicated to building healthier communities around the country. And a vital aspect of that is ensuring carers are empowered to take proactive steps towards maintaining their own health, and supported in the selfless work they undertake.

Sigma and Amcal are committed to helping all Australians recognise the instrumental importance their friends and family are making to our society as carers. We stand behind Carers Australia in their drive to create positive change by advocating more responsive, carer-friendly workplaces and increased support for carers in the healthcare environment.

Learn more about how you can help us help Australian carers by visiting and our partners Care Australia at