Hospital Pharmacy

Hospital Pharmacy


Sigma has expanded its distribution service to hospital pharmacies and health facilities throughout Australia.


Through the acquisition of well-established Victorian hospital wholesaler CHS, which has over 40 years’ experience supplying public and private hospitals, Sigma Hospital Services offers tailored solutions such as direct to Pharmacy and Imprest / Ward Box services. With the recent investment in a 7,800 square metre distribution centre at Eastern Creek in Sydney, NSW hospitals are now able to receive daily shipments. This combined with the existing CHS network in Victoria and Queensland enables daily shipments across the eastern states.

Sigma is expanding to become a National Hospital Distributor, creating a more dynamic and competitive market place. With a range of over 10,000 healthcare products, including the full range of PBS, Section 100, Schedule 8, cold chain and various other specialty lines, Sigma Hospital Services can deliver core products to hospitals in full and on time. Our portfolio is rapidly expanding to meet specific Hospital Customer needs for both contract and non-contract lines.

With tailored solutions and a dedicated Hospital Team, we are confident in our ability to deliver exceptional levels of service to our customer base.




Please contact us to find out more about CHS and our Hospital Pharmacy Services.